This Timex Metropolitan+ Fitness Wearable May Not Look Like A Smartwatch But It Is

Following the release of the Ironman Move x20 and Run x20 GPS in India, Timex has now launched a newer analog watch + fitness band called the Metropolitan+, carrying a price tag of Rs 9,995. The smartwatch will be sold in the country exclusively via Amazon India, so buying options are relatively limited at this point.

This is not a smartwatch but merely an analog wrist-watch with fitness tracking capabilities. It can track your steps, calories burnt etc, so it’s no different from a conventional wearable really. However, given the brand recognition that Timex enjoys, the company hopes to make the most of this offering.

The Metropolitan+ pairs with a companion app (via Bluetooth) that is available on the Google Play Store as well as the iTunes App Store. Your fitness data will be synced using this app. Timex’s previous offerings, the Move x20 and Run x20 are priced at Rs 8,995 and Rs 11,995, which are also Amazon India exclusives. So clearly, Timex hasn’t cracked the code as far as the pricing of its wearables are concerned.

Customers get to choose between a Black and an Orange wrist band, while the body is only available in the classical black color. It’s easy to confuse this to a regular analog watch thanks to the simplistic design.

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