Samsung plans on completely ditching flat screen on Galaxy S8

Reports suggest that Samsung this time will be launching its Galaxy S8 flagship model only in dual curved-edge screens. The handset will be launched in two variants with different screen size. The first version would carry a 5.7 inch screen where as the other will be featuring a 6.2 inch display. This time, the Galaxy S8 screen would feature no bezels and is highly anticipated to have a screen to body ratio of above 90 percent, similar to that of Xiaomi Mi MIX that has 91.3 percent of screen to body ratio.

According to Choo Dae-young, analyst in charge of electronics industry, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade “There appears to be no high demand for dual-edge screens because some still find them inconvenient because they mistakenly touch the sides of the smartphones. The utility of a bezel-less display does not seem that much higher for small, portable smartphones compared to televisions.”

Peter Lee, from NH Investment & Securities also went on to say the Samsung should bring the foldable screen devices to the market.

Initially there were reports that Samsung was also working on a foldable screen display device with bendable screen, which could be showcased at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2017. There are rumours that the display might include an “in-foldable” model or an “out-foldable” model.

Keeping all the rumours to rest, we will have to wait till Samsung officially launches the phones. The Galaxy S8 is expected to launch on February 26th in Barcelona, which will be a day before the official opening of MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2017.

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