Mi Air Purifier 2 review: the provider of clean air a Delhite deserves

If you have lived in Delhi, then you know that the air out here isn’t peaches and cream. According to many metrics living in Delhi is more akin to the lower depths of Tartarus.It is one of the most polluted cities in the world, if not the most; it keeps playing snakes and ladders for the mantle with a couple of other cities. And for an asthmatic like me and a former chain smoker, things aren’t pleasant at all. Compounding my problems is a household with 15 dogs who are a source a lot of hair, particularly an extremely smelly and lazy Labrador retriever who is always planted in my bedroom. Air Purifiers have honestly been my only recourse. I have tried quite a few and in the lead up to reviewing the new Mi Air Purifier 2 I was actually reviewing the Atlanta Healthcare Air Purifier.

But now that I have used Xiaomi’s solution for more than a week, I can safely say this is one of the best Air Purifiers I’ve ever used. More than that, it is by far the nicest looking one I have come across in the market, so much so that I have had an argument with my mother over putting it in the living room. The big problem with Air Purifiers is that they are massive appliances. Remember those heaters with coils that we use in the winters, they are big like them. They are like mini coolers and look ghastly, which is an obvious indicator that they don’t fit-in in a household.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, has done a great job in designing the Mi Air Purifier 2. It is a rectangular hulk which can absorb the air from all four sides – giving it a 360-degree purview of the surroundings and it releases the air from the top. This is an advantage because most air purifiers suck the air in from a one sided vent and release it from another. It is a design tour de force. But this is putting it in a very simplistic way. The Mi Air Purifier 2 is a beautifully designed consumer electronics appliance something that you’d associate with a Braun or even Apple whose designs are known to be inspired by Braun.

This, of course, is nothing new for Xiaomi which has been known to focus on design, but the clean symmetry of the design does make it the Mi Air Purifier 2 look like something that belongs in any corner of the house. Its rectangular tube like shell is punctuated by straight lines across the board and a milky white color that looks damn classy. It doesn’t look out of place in my gadget heavy bedroom which is also home to a bunch of guitar amplifiers and if you’d talk to my mother then, she for sure doesn’t mind putting it in the living room. Not that it is leaving my room!

The key for me is that the Mi Air Purifier 2 is that it runs quieter than most other Air Purifiers I’ve used before. It doesn’t sound like an aircraft engine while I am trying to grab some sleep. It is a discrete gadget. It does its thing in the shadows. Frankly,you wouldn’t even know it is on unless you notice the tiny green light on it stop. It is quite the smooth operator, which cannot be said about other air purifiers.

In use, I can tell you my life has been for the better. I don’t enter a stinky room which has been skunked up by my dog. For me that wasn’t a problem, but for my ex-girlfriend,it was a deal-breaker, I sure wish I had this when she was around, it would’ve made my life easier.

Now my room has fewer dust particles which is just good for my health or anyone who enters my room. My breathing has been noticeably easier as there are days when I struggle and I have to take to the nebulizer. In the last week, I didn’t use it even once, but that’s not to say this will be true for most people as I have also quit smoking which is sure to help my situation. More importantly, my folks don’t get mad at me when friends of mine smoke in the washroom as there is little or no smell to worry about.

But this is what one expects of a high quality Air Purifier. But what really sets it apart from most other air purifiers is that it is an internet connected gadget which talks to your phone – Android or iPhone and can be controlled by them. It is all very simple. You hold the button on the back of the air purifier and wait for the light to start blinking, download the iOS or Android app on your phone, pair it with the air purifier over Wi-Fi and boom you’re good to go. Because of Wi-Fi,you can also get remote access to the device.

You get all kinds of stats like the particulate matter (PM) levels of your room. The Mi Air Purifier 2 eliminates the PM 2.5 elements which are the smallest type of pollutants. If you know the air quality index anything below 50 is considered to be good air quality levels. Before I plugged in the Mi Air Purifier 2, my room had a PM levels in excess of 80, which was satisfactory, but not good. At the time of checking the PM levels in my bedroom remotely, I am happy to report 33, while the temperature in my room is 28.2degrees and the humidity is 67 percent. Overall, it is hot and humid in my room. The Air Purifier also reports that it has eliminated more than 9444m of particles from the room and it has 135 days left before the filter needs to be removed.

While you may not understand some of these stats, the thing you should care about is that you will be breathing cleaner air and trust me it feels good. This piece is as much about how good this air purifier is as much as how much an air purifier can help you breathing better. This is personal for me as I have struggled with asthma and even my grandfather has TB. Since my grandfather started using an air purifier, he also tells me his breathing has eased minutely which is something noteworthy.

Xiaomi also says that these filters will be available easily and when one is running out, the app will automatically notify you and will also provide a link to buy a new one,which again is helpful.

At the end of the day, what I want to say is that in a city like New Delhi Air Purifiers are important, even if you don’t feel the need for them. You’d be surprised at how dirtier an air we’re breathing. And if you want to buy one, the Mi Air Purifier 2 isn’t just one of the most affordable ones, it is one of the most attractive and effective ones in the market. This honestly is the Air Purifier India or on a macro level,Delhites deserve.

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